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Reports Real Situation of Sri Lanka : War and Crime By Government and Paramilitary Groups , About Mahinda and Familly, About LTTE ,the problems faced by innocents in Sri Lanka

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 Be an informant or Freelance journalist of Srilankareports web. Specially about the undergoing abductions and murders handled by Karuna/Piliyan group and Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse .Despite of groups / parties we are ready  to publish any news with evidence .

This site has views from all over the world and growing very faster. Let us tell what is happening in sri lanka really to the world. and Co Srilankan citizens they believe that their rulers have roses in their hands. You can post your information directly to me from the link provided. Any communication problem ,use the comments section to contact us

All communications will be  confidential.



  1. Hi, how are you? Where are you from and who are you? I read your writings.

    Comment by Nilavarasu | January 19, 2009 | Reply

  2. This an e-mail i posted to SCB today . Lets see how they respond.

    I was about to open an account with SCB. My brother operates an account with SCB. He advised me SCB would be a good bank to choose.

    Prior to my brother opening an account with your bank my father banked with SCB before he passed away.

    However little did they know how SCB operates. My brother certainly knows now as I advised him of your nasty methods used to chase bank debtors in Sri Lanka.

    We as a family are very well connected and are very wealthy. We do have the resources to take SCB on and make sure as a bank it learns to act responsibly and with compassion.

    I investigated SL SCB thoroughly and found your methods of collecting debts owed to the bank lacked candour and your operation in harassing wayward bank debtors and their innocent relatives morally repugnant and illegal.

    I am about to start a campaign to stop your bank using debt collection private agencies staffed by ex police and military cadre thugs to ruin the lives of innocent Sri Lankans by harassing innocent individuals that owe the bank nothing.

    Am in the process of writing to the CEO of Standard Chartered world-wide and will be posting him the full investigative report on clandestine operations against the poor and innocent by SCB hiring evil contracted debt collection agencies in SL to its work.

    This will be widely reported shortly world-wide and Standard Chartered reputation will be ruined in every country they operate in.

    Standard Chartered European operations will be picketed on a daily basis and the press will be shown the report. Think world-wide media reports from CNN to NBSC BBC will air this report and SCB will be brought to the table to answer for its transgressions in SL.

    SCB have one way to redeem the situation. Immediately stop using morally repugnant methods outside the law to chase innocent people related to debtors.

    The bank has one week to put this into operation by dismissing all contract debt collections agencies in SL. and stopping the harassment of innocent individuals.

    It’s as simple as that.

    Standard Chartered bank world -wide will suffer the consequences if the bank knowingly participated in the evil scheme .

    Remember banks and bankers are now considered a lower breed of species than vermin. People world-wide know all bankers have a disgraceful reputation SCB will top that and end up on top of the pile of rotten banks. And your bank will collapse like the proverbial house of cards. Your recent profitability will turn to dust faster than a bankers blink .


    Comment by riley | March 13, 2009 | Reply

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