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An Email to Standerd Charted Bank,Sri Lanka

In the response of our article”

Standard Chartered Bank , Sri Lanka : A Bank operated by Thugs ”

Guest Post :

This an e-mail i posted to SCB today . Lets see how they respond.

I was about to open an account with SCB. My brother operates an account with SCB. He advised me SCB would be a good bank to choose.

Prior to my brother opening an account with your bank my father banked with SCB before he passed away.

However little did they know how  SCB operates. My brother certainly knows now as I advised him of your nasty methods used to chase bank debtors in Sri Lanka.

We as a family are very well connected and are very wealthy. We do have the resources to take SCB on and make sure as a bank it learns to act responsibly and with compassion.

I investigated SL SCB thoroughly and found your methods of collecting debts owed to the bank lacked candour and your operation in harassing wayward bank debtors and their innocent relatives morally repugnant and illegal.

I am about to start a campaign to stop your bank using debt collection private agencies staffed by  ex police and military cadre thugs to ruin the lives of innocent Sri Lankans by harassing innocent  individuals that owe the bank nothing.

Am in the process of writing to the CEO of Standard Chartered world-wide and will be posting him the full investigative report on clandestine operations against the poor and innocent by SCB hiring evil contracted debt collection agencies in SL to its work.

This will be widely reported shortly world-wide and Standard Chartered reputation will be ruined in every country they operate in.

Standard Chartered European operations will be picketed on a daily basis and the press will be shown the report. Think world-wide media reports from CNN to NBSC BBC will air this report and SCB will be brought to the table to answer for its transgressions in SL.

SCB have one way to redeem the situation. Immediately stop using morally repugnant methods outside the law to chase innocent people related to debtors.

The bank has one week to put this into operation by dismissing all contract debt collections agencies in SL. and stopping the harassment of innocent individuals.

It’s as simple as that.

Standard Chartered bank world -wide will suffer the consequences if the bank knowingly participated in the evil scheme .

Remember banks and bankers are now considered a lower breed of species than vermin.  People world-wide know all bankers have a disgraceful reputation SCB will top that and end up on top of the pile of rotten banks. And your bank will collapse like the proverbial house of cards. Your recent profitability will turn to dust faster than  a bankers blink .



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The latest report of University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna

The latest report of University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna), Sri Lanka (UTHR-J) dated October 31 was tabled in parliament by the UNP on November 11. Special Report No. 31 is titled Pawns Of An Un-heroic War. The report was tabled in parliament by UNP MP Dayasiri Jayasekera. We reproduce excerpts, continued from last week.

Having taken out expatriate aid staff, the government suggested that the local staff of these organisations could work as government volunteers paid by their nominal employers.

This has created a painful dilemma for agencies that instilled into them certain ethics appropriate to their calling. As government volunteers, they would report to the government machinery in their area, which has no choice but to take orders from the LTTE and perhaps later, the government – something they have been trained to resist.

By pulling the expatriates out, the government has created a situation that has strengthened the LTTE’s control over people and resources. A number of articles in the press have raised questions about what this could mean in a conflict where military and political stakes are high, given the LTTE’s record of unscrupulous use of the civilian population and the government’s proverbial callousness. A particular fear is the control of food rations to locate the people. The other is the distribution of food.

Starving the people

Presently over 80% of the population is displaced and their own resources of food are negligible. Of the three other sources of food, the first is the food rations distributed by the Commissioner General of Essential Services (CGES) to displaced families not resettled during the ceasefire amounting to Rs. 1000 a month. This is all the food supplied by the government and it covers a very tiny fraction. It is also very slow and also inadequate.

The second source is the World Food Programme in an agreement with the CGES, which covers most people, including now most of Mannar District. This aims at providing each person with 2100 calories per day. At the last reckoning the food going into the Wanni to feed an estimated 430 000 people was 750 – 800 tonnes, while the actual requirement was 1500 tonnes. If the government believes that the estimated population is excessive, it must tell us with evidence what the real figure is. If not the government and the agencies open themselves to the charge of starving the people.

INGOs in disarray

The third source and the only one meaningful in an emergency are the INGOs, who immediately provide two weeks of rations to the newly displaced. This source is now in disarray. Although the government claims to be able to look after the people, its machinery at best is very inadequate for that purpose as seen in the bureaucratic delays and lack of capacity – many government officers are absconding.

With a view to blunt criticism, the government hit upon the idea of allowing UN food monitors to go with WFP food convoys and hand over the food to the government administration. This accomplishes little in overseeing the distribution of food.

It is remarkable that while the government carries on shelling and displacing people, nearly all the money to feed the displaced comes from foreign donors, who are in turn abused and flayed on the charge of supporting the LTTE, and finally the government gets its own way with them. What it wants them to do next is even more grotesque.

1.6. Mass Detention Centres for civilians who happen to be Tamil?

No less a person than the Army Commander anticipates that recapturing land earlier controlled by the LTTE would not end the war but transform it into a long running guerrilla war. In the east in 2006, the civilians were deliberately displaced and a great deal of land was taken over under the pretext of security. In the Wanni too the government does not seem to intend speedy resettlement of the displaced, and to this end what are in fact detention centres were set up for the civilians who fled the LTTE areas.

The government set up camps in Kallimodai and Sirukandal near Murunkan in the Mannar District for persons who escaped from the LTTE-controlled areas. Some paid boatmen several lakhs of rupees for a ride into the government-controlled areas. Initially the youth were allowed to go to Mannar town with an army escort, who took them in a bus and brought them back. That has been stopped after one youth taken to town escaped.

Due to a water shortage in the area, the inmates of the camp need to go outside to bathe. Anyone going to bathe must find someone to stand surety. The inadequacy of government-funds for the centre has meant that many of the inmates, who belong to about 243 families, live in tents. With the onset of rains their situation becomes horrible.

One aspect confirming the prison status of these camps is that families are not allowed to seek shelter with host families – hitherto a common arrangement for the displaced in this country. We also learnt that displaced persons who had made arrangements to go abroad before they were displaced – such as young women whose fianc‚s are waiting to receive them into marriage – are not allowed to pursue such legitimate ends. University students have after some delay been allowed out.

The government as usual expects foreign governments and INGOs to pick up the bill for the misery it causes. So far INGOs have avoided getting involved in what is in effect illegal confinement of citizens of the same country not charged with any offence. It is something they would find hard to justify. The government is evidently satisfied with this pilot project and is planning to have one in Vavuniya on a huge scale for civilians presently living under LTTE-control it expects to ‘free.’

What is worse, Vavuniya has become a place of crime and lawlessness, where torture, murder, extortion, abduction and rape are routine. Women are powerless. The blame for their plight largely owes to the security forces and Tamil paramilitary groups working with them.

Once confronted with the misery of these inadequately financed detention centres with children, mothers and infants whose basic needs are not met, the INGOs would face a severe dilemma whether to go in and, in effect, sanction this arrangement, or to turn a blind eye to gigantic misery. Unfortunately the UN and most INGOs have too readily compromised with the LTTE and the state, and it becomes difficult to start putting up a fight.

Mentally Ill

We recently learnt that some of the virtual detainees at Kallimodai and Sirukandal have become mentally ill, one of them badly. But the doctors who visit these centres have not been competent to treat such illness. Lately, we learn that permission may be given to take the patients to government hospitals. Many of the issues have been dealt with in the timely report of the Civil Society Field Mission to Vavuniya.

1.7. Mistaken Priorities leading to a fusion of evils

Since 1986 many people have posed the exasperating question, ‘How on earth does one deal with a phenomenon like the LTTE?’ It has over the years shown a capacity to descend to the lowest depths without any qualms in the treatment of its own people, do the unthinkable such as conscripting children as young as 10, exploit and betray the most intimate forms of trust and one could go on. To those who understand that this phenomenon grew out of a persistent denial of political rights to the Tamils, accompanied by humiliation and violence, it is in addressing these that the cure should begin.

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Standard Chartered Bank , Sri Lanka : A Bank operated by Thugs

Killer Standard Chartered

Killer Standard Chartered

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Harassment from the credit card companies in Sri Lanka has been increased. The country is facing a big trouble due to the war and ethnic issues same time most of the innocent card holder are facing the death threats from the so called corporate banks.

Standard charted ,Nation Trust (Amex) are more sever in harassing the defaulted customer bypassing any laws implemented in Sri Lanka.This article may be a warning for all of the Sri Lankans in order to avoid this banks.

Continue reading

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Kidnapping is a “normal phenomenon:: Rohitha Bogollagama

Foreign Affairs Minister, Rohitha Bogollagama has said that kidnappings are normal in society and no one should make an undue fuss about such incidents.

He made this statement in reply to a question posed by a journalist at a news conference on Wednesday, when the journalist asked for the Foreign Minister’s comments on the kidnapping of two women, one Sinhala and one Tamil, in Batticaloa on March 10.

Stating that investigations are underway, the Minister said it was unlikely that there would be a link between the kidnapping and the Batticaloa local council elections.

“Kidnapping is something very common and therefore there is no need to fuss about it,” he asserted.
He also said that it was not the first time that a kidnapping had taken place in the country and therefore, there was no reason to be excited about it.

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Bus Blast in Mountalvenia : Tit for Tat ;the Language Sinhalease can understand

“Go army Go” this is the slogan said by most of the Sinhala people nowadays to the sri lankan soldiers , But really they dont know what they are doing other than fighting with LTTE,if they fight with LTTE and destroy them that is acceptable as their mission,but when they kill innocent definitely not acceptable .

22nd of February 2008 , 8 Tamil civilians including children,babies killed by Sri Lankan Areal attacks at Punerian ,Sri Lanka. Within the next 24 Hours a Bus Bomb blasted and injured 18 people in Government controlled area in colombo.

The majority people believe the government media and they believe that government never kill innocent Tamils and killing only LTTE in the war front. in this basis here the news items from various sources given on the Tit for Tat happened this week.

 Being and innocent is the offense !(killed kids in Kilinochi,Poonerian)


8 civilians killed in SLAF bombardment in Poonakari, children among victims

[TamilNet, Friday, 22 February 2008, 05:37 GMT]
Eight civilians including a 6-month-old infant, a 4-year-old boy, their mother, a 8-year-old girl and an English teacher were killed, 14 including four children and another teacher were wounded in a Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) aerial bombardment of a civilian settlement at Kiraagnchi in the Poonakari division of Ki’linochchi district Friday at 8:10 a.m. Three houses were fully destroyed and many houses have sustained damage in the indiscriminate aerial bombardment in which more than 20 bombs were dropped by four bombers. Meanwhile, Sri Lankan ministry of defence in Colombo claimed that the SLAF had attacked “an inland sea tiger base” at Kiraagnchi.



After this incident only the bus bob blasted in Colombo Area !  The strongest message the Tiger rebels wanted to tell the government that”if you kill people in our area you will suffer the same as you do on this on ethnic view !.

Colombo incident

Eighteen civilians were injured in a bomb blast inside a bus in Colombo Mount Laviniya Saturday around 10:45 a.m. Most of the victims were bystanders. The passengers had a providential escape as a woman traveler alerted the conductor and the driver of the bus about an unattended parcel underneath a seat in the Colombo bound bus coming frommain1pic1.jpg. The explosion took place after the passengers have got off the bus and while the driver was taking it to a safe location, police said. The blast in Colombo has taken place a day after the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) aerial bombardment on civilians in Vanni took the lives of 8 and injured 14, which included many children.

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Sripathy MP Killed by accident or Pre Plan? ::Is Rajapakse and co involved ?

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Exactly one year to the day he was sacked from his ministerial portfolio by President Mahinda Rajapaksa, SLFP dissident and Gampaha District MP died under tragic circumstances in a road accident yesterday.

MP Sri pathy

The former Minister, his driver Kumara and bodyguard S.K.R. Silva were killed when the jeep they were travelling in skidded off the rain-soaked Kurunegala-Anuradhapura Road and crashed headlong into a tree last afternoon, Police said.

The incident took place at around 1:15 p.m. in Madagama in the Galgamuwa Police Division, when Sooriyaarachchi and a group of six people, including his deceased driver and bodyguard, were travelling back to Colombo from Anuradhapura.

The victims of the crash were rushed to the Thambuttegama Hospital a few kilometres away but Sooriyaarachchi and two others were already dead on admission, hospital officials told The Nation.

The MP’s Secretary Lakmal Vajirasiri and one other person who was injured in the accident are still receiving treatment at the Thambuttegama Hospital.
Sooriyaarachchi leaves behind his wife Dilrukshi, two daughters, Thishani (17) and Piumi (15), and two young sons, Adhishtan (10) and Apekshan (5).

On February 9 last year, Sooriyaarachchi and his colleagues Mangala Samaraweera and Anura Bandaranaike were sacked from their ministerial positions by President Rajapaksa. Samaraweera and Sooriyaarachchi later went on to establish the SLFP splinter group, SLFP Mahajana Wing, in which Sooriyaarachchi functioned as chief coordinator.

Since his sacking, Sooriyaarachchi had been one of the Rajapaksa administration’s most vociferous critics.
Sooriyaarachchi, known to his closest friends and relatives by the affectionate nickname ‘Sri,’ first entered Parliament as an MP of the United People’s Freedom Alliance, born of the political marriage between the SLFP and the JVP.

His seat in Parliament belongs to the ruling UPFA coalition and the late MP will be succeeded by the SLFP representative with.

Allegations made by UNP:

in a press release on the same day ,mp killed UNP member Luxman Kiriyella said that the death of Sripathy mp is suspicious , and clear investigations should be go on, as our members from the area where the accident took place reported firing sounds at the time of the accident .

Political killings is a normal practice in the politics of sri lanka . The people smallest Island fighting for the power and kill other to get the powers.

The second think is the accident claimed the life of three traveled in the vehicle ,how it is possible as it is not happen in other similar accidents .

The maximum possibilities guessed at the moment:

1>may be a very rare type of real accident (20%)
2>A group with gun on a vehicle chased this vehicle and lead to this incident (60%)
3> A big vehicle hit this vechicle or on the way to hit ,so driver turned the cab ,it lead to the accident.

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