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Standard Chartered Bank , Sri Lanka : A Bank operated by Thugs

Killer Standard Chartered

Killer Standard Chartered

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Harassment from the credit card companies in Sri Lanka has been increased. The country is facing a big trouble due to the war and ethnic issues same time most of the innocent card holder are facing the death threats from the so called corporate banks.

Standard charted ,Nation Trust (Amex) are more sever in harassing the defaulted customer bypassing any laws implemented in Sri Lanka.This article may be a warning for all of the Sri Lankans in order to avoid this banks.

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Political Killing is a Passion , LTTE are the poineers

Fifty-one-year-old Kiddinan Sivanesan was the latest in the long line of Tamil Parliamentarians and ex-Parliamentarians to suffer death through assassination.

Sivanesan, a former Cooperative Society Store Manager and trade unionist, was returning home to Mallavi after attending Parliament when a claymore mine exploded. Both the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP and his driver were killed.

It is widely believed that Sivanesan was killed by an assassination squad of the armed forces known as the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP). Defenders of the state have stoutly denied the charge.

The funeral, held in the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)-controlled region of the northern mainland known as Wanni, was attended by 15 TNA Parliamentarians. A grand funeral ceremony was held.

Paying homage
LTTE Chief Velupillai Prabhakaran, who sustained minor injuries in a bombing incident in the Kilinochchi suburb of Jeyanthinagar on November 28, 2007, made a rare appearance and paid his respects.
The Tigers also held a number of meetings at different places to pay homage to Sivanesan.

The LTTE and supporters/propagandists have utilised the killing to engage in anti-government propaganda as well as whip up emotions among the Tamil diaspora. Many memorial meetings were held in diverse international locations.

Tiger media organs are continuing to give much prominence to the killing of Sivanesan. The Tigers are trying very hard to create mass frenzy among Tamil expatriates over the killing.

Pro – LTTE groups are also lobbying intensively by citing the killing as one more brownie point in support of the argument that separation is necessary.

The LTTE honours its dead cadres as ‘Maaveerar’ or ‘Great Heroes.’ Non-combatant supporters are awarded two types of posthumous honours.

The lesser honour is ‘Naatrupatraalar’ or patriot. The greater honour is ‘Maamanithar’ or great person. Sivanesan was given ‘Maamanithar’ status by the Tiger Supremo.

Prabhakaran’s statement
Here are some excerpts from Prabhakaran’s statement about Sivanesan:
“He is a sincere politician who possessed high ideals. He laboured tirelessly for the advancement and welfare of the workers.
“He yearned for a free and honourable life for the Tamil people in their land without the torments that have afflicted them.

“He took up the responsibility of representing the people of Jaffna and roamed the world seeking justice for the Tamils.
“He raised awareness among our people and gathered their support.

“He exposed the atrocities of the Sinhala state and its occupying military to the world.
“He was courageous even in the midst of repeated harassments and threats of the Sinhala military.

“His service for the liberation of Tamil Eelam through his hard work and exemplary skills are immeasurable.”
All the above lines refer to Sivanesan but strange as it may seem, they are more applicable to another Tamil political leader who was brutally assassinated more than 18 years ago.

He was none other than Appapillai Amirthalingam, the former secretary general of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) and ex-leader of the opposition.

Indeed, Amirthalingam was a man who “yearned for a free and honorable life for the Tamil people in their land without the torments that have afflicted them,” and in his time “roamed the world seeking justice for the Tamils,” and in his own way “exposed the atrocities of the Sinhala state and its occupying military to the world.”

Tiger acolyte
More importantly, when Amirthalingam made a statement or levelled a charge, it carried weight and credibility. It was taken seriously at international levels. His complaints could not be dismissed lightly as Tiger propaganda.

This was not the case with Sivanesan, a Tiger acolyte, whose ‘propaganda’ was limited mainly to pro-Tiger Tamil media.
Against this backdrop, the ‘Sinhala-dominated’ Sri Lankan state had more to fear from a man like Amirthalingam than a man like Sivanesan. But who killed Amirthalingam?

It was not the ‘Sinhala’ state but the self-styled saviours of the Sri Lankan Tamil people. It was the Tigers who murdered Amirthalingam in cold blood!

When news of Amirthalingam’s death was conveyed to then Opposition Leader Sirima Bandaranaike, her immediate reaction was, “Who did it?” On being told it was the LTTE, she spontaneously exclaimed, “Thank God, no Sinhalese did it!”
The point behind invoking the Amirthalingam assassination in this context is to illustrate three related points.


Firstly, the so-called ‘Sinhala’ state or government is not the only agency killing Tamil MPs or ex-MPs. This has been going on for a long time and Sivanesan was not the first Tamil Parliamentarian victim.

Secondly, more Tamil Parliamentarians have been killed by Tamil and not Sinhala assassins. Even in the case of Sivanesan, there is reason to believe that the actual LRRP perpetrators were Tamil operatives.

Of course, the state bears a moral responsibility in killings done by paramilitary ‘dogs of war.’ Yet, the fact remains that Tamil hands have shed more Tamil ‘Parliamentarian’ blood than Sinhala hands.

Thirdly, many Tamil groups and organisations were involved at various stages and levels in this bloodshed. Yet the LTTE is responsible for killing more Tamil MPs, ex-MPs and other major Tamil political leaders than any other Tamil organisation.

In fact, this pattern of assassinating Tamil political leaders was pioneered and developed by the very same LTTE that is hypocritically mourning and condemning Sivanesan’s killing now.

January 1 this year saw UNP Colombo District MP Thiagarajah Maheswaran being killed on the premises of Shree Ponnambalavaneswarar Sivan Temple in Kotahena. Maheswaran was about to return home after worshipping when he was shot dead.

The first assassination
However, when the ongoing saga of Tamil political assassinations first began on July 25, 1975, it was a man on his way to worship at the Varadarajapperumaal Vishu Temple at Ponnalai who was shot outside the Kovil.
This was Jaffna Mayor Alfred Durayappa, who though a Christian by birth, became a sort of theosophist in later life and used to worship at Hindu temples also.

Durayappa was the independent MP for Jaffna in 1960 March and July. He contested as an SLFP-backed independent in 1970 and lost by a tiny margin of 56 to C.X. Martyn of the Federal Party.
Durayappa was the uncrowned king of Jaffna Municipal politics and had been mayor many times or installed his supporters as mayor.

He disavowed communal politics and steered clear of both the FP and Tamil Congress. These parties called Durayappa a “thurogi,” or traitor.
The killing of Durayappa was the first time a Tamil ex-MP or mayor was assassinated. Seven Tamil youths were charged in court and later acquitted.

the more sad full think is that LTTE also being paid back for the mistakes they made. The culture they started. Kidnapping and getting ransom from business men, when LTTE was in power in Jaffna was the culture. Some times putting them in bunker is their regular practice for threatening. People harassed by them for being rich and hard workers.


All the arm culture and killing styles introduced and practiced by LTTE are turned back against them now.


No second opinion   that ,LTTE is the only one acceptable voice for Tamils now ,but there for cannot justify all of their activities.


But this is not the lesson to LTTE , it is the lesson by the nature for every one who engaed in such acitivities without justice.


Within a single instruction , LTTE vacated all Muslims from Jaffna without any claims fro their property or money., In Revirasa operation 1995 ,all the Jaffna Tamil people vacated Jaffna within a night ,and so many killed in the mass crowded movement . We can see that god’s judgment always there.(even though I am one of the person moved over the night in this operation period )

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The Second Fascist Front In Sri Lanka: Gotabaya,Karuna,Devananda and this cool guys dirty deals

The Second Fascist Front In Sri Lanka – Towards Crushing The Minorities And Disenfranchising The Sinhalese. University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna) Special Report No.29

Part 1 (part 2 will be in the next sunday edition)

This report deals with the following interrelated matters:

• The State falling prey to the anarchy of a fractious Sinhalese extremist lobby represented by the JVP and JHU under a fickle presidency.

• The growing fascist environment, the leveraging effect in politics of a killer machine under the Defence Ministry and the far-reaching politicisation of the security services. In this connection it deals with unknown aspects of the Raviraj killing.

• The human agony and insecurity, particularly in the North-East, resulting from this state of affairs and their absolute incompatibility with a credible political settlement.

• Raises pertinent questions about the perversion of institutions meant to foster the rule of law.

The extent of interference and crime by an intelligence apparatus at the apex of executive power raises the question, are we still a democracy?

1. Against Civilians With a Vengeance;The Ceasefire Agreement has been abrogated, the Nordic Monitoring Mission has left and it is now a war without witnesses. Civilians on both sides are the main victims as each side pursues military advantage regardless of them. One way or the other, singly or otherwise, each side has deliberately targeted civilians of the other ethnic group.

The bus bombings in Okkampitiya in Moneragala on 17th January and near Madhu in the LTTE controlled area on 29th January, claiming in all more than two score lives, including women and children, are notable among the continuing outrages.The LTTE will not be party to any democratic settlement. It will continue along its malefic course giving mutual sustenance to its Sinhalese extremist counterparts. The State, which was functionally truncated into a “Sinhalese State” by the myopic politics of the south and precipitated the Tamil armed struggle, continues to foster impunity — the main tool of an ideologically motivated clique now in control of the government.

Regaining the sanction of the minorities is far from the aims the present government; and the long-term effects of pampering to the extremist and criminal elements are all too evident. Bolstering Sinhalese fears and sustaining itself through the rhetoric of a war to eradicate “terrorism” is its sole agenda.

The political task of marginalising the LTTE is clean outside the lexicon of hardcore “Sinhalese Nationalist” intellectuals — for that would be to win over the minorities by offering them a political settlement giving them a stake in a united Sri Lanka as equals. This for them is absolute anathema. Therefore it has not happened in 60 years of independence. The APRC fiasco extinguishes the final gleam of hope on the horizon. The present government has shown itself is unwilling to go beyond any arrangement that would dilute the present structures of control of the north-east — control that is plagued by massive human rights violations, frequently by structures set up by the Defence Ministry outside the regular forces, reminiscent of some of the well-known repressive regimes in the past century. The rulers do not treat the north-east as a part of Sri Lanka.

We have written extensively about the LTTE’s fascism, its cost and what it portends. We opposed this current round of war, because less destructive political means of cornering the LTTE have not been tried, it has proved intensely callous of civilians and their protection and is not guided by any vision that offers light at the end of the tunnel.

The war has all the hallmarks of a war of conquest and subjugation in pursuance of a Sinhalese supremacist agenda using the LTTE’s intransigence as a pretext. This we argue is not necessarily because of foreordained malice on the part of President Rajapakse, but arises from his courting fractious extremist forces with their own power agendas and being pulled by them competitively and disastrously into greater extremism.

How did the present government get into this impasse? What does it portend?

These are some of the questions we attempt to answer. It describes how extremist forces, have built structures and wield influence within the security establishment, control, influence and supervise actions of paramilitary groups particularly in the east, acting as their patrons and giving them access to persons at the apex of power. Such fascist structures establishing a stranglehold on the government was unthinkable a short time ago.

2. Defence Ministry and Parliamentary Compliance through Abduction,
    Murder and Intimidation
The fight against Tamil terror has become the opium through which the Sinhalese have, from 1977, been inured to an astounding range of abuses. Sri Lanka’s 77 years of electoral democracy is now being parodied by MPs being bribed or blackmailed to crossover in droves to the side wielding the purse and hatchet. The government survives on the volatile support of 37 JVP MPs, 27 MPs from the UNP and a number of Tamil speaking Hill Country and Muslim MPs worried that defiance would bring violent consequences for themselves and their supporters. This is one element of the disenfranchisement of the population. Another is revealing of structures that are even more insidious for democracy.

The vote on the third reading of the bloated war-budget on 14th December 2007 was expected to be a close call. The total budget was LKR 925 billion against projected revenue of LKR 775 billion. Defence expenditure was increased 19% to LKR 166.5 billion. This means, economist Muttukrishna Sarvananda points out, an allocation of LKR 8536 per person for defence against 2974 for health and 2359 for education.

To justify the cost, the government continually presented the south a rosy picture of the war. Army Commander Sarath Fonseka told the Sunday Observer (30 Dec. ’07), “Our daily target is to kill at least 10 LTTE terrorists,” and by so doing finish off the remaining “3000 LTTE terrorists” and the job, now 50% done, by the end of the year. It was made to sound easy with the human misery largely confined to the north-east.

The SLMC decided to leave the government and the Hill Country MPs representing the plantation Tamils were saying that their constituents were against the war-budget. Two SLFP MPs openly dissented and more were expected to follow if there was a visible tide against the budget. It also seemed, mistakenly, that the JVP too would vote against it.

The Pillayan Group on 1st December 2007 abducted persons close to three Tamil MPs from Batticaloa threatening them harm if the MPs voted against the budget. Those abducted were Mr. Nagalingam, secretary to Miss. K. Thangeswary MP, Arunasalam Sivapalan, nephew of Mr. Jeyanandamoorthy MP, and Mr. Sriskandaseya, brother of Mr. Ariyanendran MP. The three MPs abstained from voting and the abducted persons were released. Previously, for the second reading of the budget on 19th November the same group abducted TNA MP Mr. Kanagasabai’s son-in-law S. Sajitharan, a teacher, threatening all Batticaloa MPs not to vote against. Mr. Kanagasabai refrained from voting, the three MPs above voted against. Sajitharan was later released.

The event is a grim reminder of the alarming rapidity with which the security forces have become politicised – a dangerous legacy that Pakistan is attempting to reverse. It further carried a message that offered grim choices to all MPs from the minorities. In another technique used for gerrymandering, the security details of several MPs from the minorities who voted against the budget were slashed, from 18 to just two policemen in the case of UNP MP Maheswaran. Maheswaran was gunned down as he worshipped at a Hindu temple less than two weeks later on 1st January 2008. He is the third Tamil parliamentarian to be gunned down. Another MP Mano Ganesan, a member of the Civil Monitoring Committee, whose security too was slashed, was forced to flee the country.

Take Pillayan who was responsible for the abductions. In 2002 he was the transport head of the LTTE for Batticaloa-Amparai, among the key persons involved in child conscription (see our Special Report No.14) and a noted thug. When the LTTE split in 2004, he joined Karuna. Now with Karuna in a British prison, Pillayan is being promoted as the government’s chief flunkey against minorities in the east.

The level at which Pillayan moves and is managed emerged during the closing weeks of 2007. He and some of his fellows were guests for dinner of the commander of one of the fighting arms of the security forces at his Trincomalee headquarters, to sort out matters of mutual interest. What was a professional service commander doing with Pillayan?

It was also the STF who on 5th November escorted the Pillayan faction to the Karuna office in Batticaloa, beat up the Karuna cadres and installed him there, and a month later likewise installed him in Karuna’s Araiampathy office after an exchange of gunfire.

Further, Pillayan is now patronised by the Patriotic National Movement (PNM), a rival to the JHU, an earlier patron of Karuna. We will see below that Pillayan is a creature of an intelligence outfit directly under the Defence Secretary who is also the President’s brother. The agents assigned to Pillayan, beside their own mischief, support and instigate killings, abductions, extortion and robbery by his men.

This places in context Pillayan’s abductions in aid of the defence budget. The Defence Ministry, which functions as the property of an American citizen and the President’s brother, moved virtually to extort public funds from parliament, to serve also as a source of fat commissions. And we are celebrating 60 years of independence from colonial rule. The apparatus of state-terror now in place has a political agenda going well beyond taming the Tigers. The killing of MP Raviraj discussed below shows poignantly the government going down to the lowest depths in a bid to control MPs by terror.

The record of Karuna, Pillayan and their cadres lays bare the hollowness of the LTTE’s attribution of divine, heroic status to such mortals, who are more than willing to stoop to the lowest levels for their survival. The LTTE’s claims of ‘purity’ and ‘sanctity’ and their unquenchable ‘thirst’ for Thamil Eelam are canards used to brainwash and entrap the impressionable young.

LTTE apologists living in greener pastures ritually sustain the illusion of the LTTE’s death-defying eminence, hoping against hope that the Sri Lankan state would perpetuate and justify its existence.

3. Kool Party at Layards Road and a Fatal PactTelltale signs of the emerging terror apparatus were evinced by Joseph Pararajasingam MP’s assassination at Christmas Mass in 2005. A graphic pointer to the new dispensation was the public execution of five students at the Trincomalee Gandhi statue on 2nd January 2006 (Special Report 24). The executioners were the STF team sent to Trincomalee by Defence Advisor and JHU Treasurer, former DIG Kotakadeniya, with, according to him, the concurrence of Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse. Police Superintendent Kapila Jayasekere, formerly of the STF, directed the plot.

After the Karuna Group split from the LTTE and the Norwegians and government abandoned them to LTTE killers, the JHU and JVP befriended them. The new influence the latter acquired under Rajapakse fed into the killer apparatus being assembled from the last months of President Kumaratunga. Whatever the understanding between President Rajapakse and the LTTE which crucially aided his victory by blocking votes for his opponent in November 2005, it broke down quickly.

The aftermath of the security-forces backed Trincomalee riots in April 2006 saw mounting violence and displacement in Trincomalee District. Following the failed LTTE suicide attack on the Army Commander, the government moved to takeover the LTTE controlled areas of Trincomalee District and eventually the whole of the east.

The killing of the Bojan sisters in Jaffna in mid-January 2006 was a definite sign that the EPDP had begun killing persons with family or other alleged connections to the LTTE. The EPDP followed this up with others including the attack on the Uthayan newspaper office and killing two employees on 2nd May 2006 when President Rajapakse was hosting a World Press Freedom Day celebration in Colombo, and participating with the Navy in the Allaipiddy killings on 13th May 2006. These attacks could be seen also as part of tit for tat arrangements left behind by President Kumaratunga after the LTTE killed Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar on 12th August 2005 or even earlier.

A new compact in service of an extremist agenda emerged in May 2006. We piece the story together from information we received from a number of sources in response to inquiries over the killing of N. Raviraj MP. The various strands support the main drift, as also the revelations over the Gajanayake scandal by Lakshman Seneviratne MP.

It began at the cabinet meeting held about Wednesday 17th May 2006, soon after the Allaipiddy killings. President Mahinda Rajapakse openly castigated Minister Douglas Devananda in the presence of other ministers for the Allaipiddy and other such incidents in Jaffna. Following the meeting, one source adds, “Devananda invited

President Rajapakse and his brothers Basil and Gotabaya (I am not sure if both brothers attended) for a kool feast on Sunday, 21st May. Navy Admiral Daya Sandagiri was also there. Sivathasan was given the task of preparing kool for 25 persons (27 according to another source). The order was given on Friday and Palmyrah Board vehicles were used to buy the fish and other necessities. The invitees arrived at Layards Road at 3 pm and left at 10 pm. They posed for photographs with EPDP cadres.”

The first source who did not speak of Karuna’s presence at the meeting, said they spoke about operations in Trincomalee and the east in general and compliments were paid to Mr. Devananda for his ‘good work’ in the north. Complimenting Devananda’s good work in the north sits strangely beside castigating him in front of the cabinet. Another source abroad said that Karuna was a good deal at Devananda’s Layards Road office around this time, adding that he said over the phone from the office that he was very disillusioned and wanted to go abroad, but Devananda (Annai) had given him hope and encouraged him to stay.

A senior person with good EPDP links assured us that Karuna was present at the party and the discussion proceeded with Karuna and Devananda seated on either side of President Rajapakse, while Sivathasan translated. The main outcome was that Karuna and Devananda agreed to cooperate with Rajapakse on the break up of the merged North-East Province (an anathema to the JHU and JVP). In return for the cooperation, Karuna was promised the interim administration of the east for five years and Devananda, that of the north for the same period.

The elements were already in place, such as the JHU patronage of Karuna and Devananda. Clearly, President Rajapakse was pleased. He left backslapping EPDP members Kiruban and Vincent in a comradely gesture. Sivathasan was very upset.

As a consequence of the pact, Karuna forces were to provide units to “fight for the liberation of the east.’ There were not many more than 200 cadres under Karuna. The lack of numbers was solved by the government forces helping him to conscript boys for his army. This emerged on a conspicuous scale within three weeks of the Kool Party Pact. Human Rights Watch detailed this in a report in January 2007:

“In one incident in June 2006, the Karuna Group abducted 13 boys and young men, holding some of them for a while in a shop across the street from an army post. Some of the parents pleaded with the soldiers to intervene. Two soldiers spoke with the Karuna Group members, parents told Human Rights Watch, but the soldiers did not stop the abduction … In November (2006), after UN envoy Allan Rock raised allegations of government complicity in Karuna abductions, the Sri Lankan government promised an investigation. Instead, government and military officials launched attacks against Rock’s credibility.” Another aspect of the pact is deeply sinister.

(To be continued) Next Sunday Visit for more.

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Gotabaya ::The Killer and the King’s brother

200px-gotabaya.jpgGotabhaya Rajapakse was appointed to the post of Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence in November 2005 by the President. 

Yes ,of course he got lot of militry victories against Tamil Tigers,He behaved like the unquestionablesuper power of the country.

The three brothers from the Rajpakse familly ruling the country now. Mahinda Rajapaske the president,and Basil Rajapakse ;the Advisor of president and the MP on national list*(now going to be the minister of highways..)Gotabaya Rjapakse;the Defence Secretary of Sri Lanka.

Gotabaya is described my hiw own ASP level police officers “Oh dont talk about him ,he is a murderer”. He dont worry about the humanity and related issues. He is starving for Money and Power. He is a US Citizen. lived in US for last 15 years after finishing his career in Sri Lankan militry.

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Blood Thirst Animal :: Karuna !::Pirabaharn’s Careless and Late Awareness

Karuna Blood HungerKaruna is normally known by All tamils in the world and the most of the humanitarian activitists as a Deadly Animal with thurst of blood

Karuna is known my all eastern Muslim people as a racist .

From 1990s in several occasions Karuna shot dead Muslims including children inside the mosque when they were in prayers . The memorial stones available in the Kathankudy and ,Eravur Mosques in Batticalloa district still now. He was enjoying Massive killings .

Karuna demands ransom *(LTTE approved Tax for the movement )in a rude way. Despite of the education and professional background of the people ,he handled all Tamils to get the money. So many Bank managers, Engineers,Doctors, School teachers left the East ,few of them managed to left the country due to this issue . Even though in the north and other areas people are willing to help LTTE as their national army.

He issues letters to to the people to meet at LTTEs money collection division at “Paddituppu Bridge” even the first letter carries very rude and threatening slogans . Ex : ”you are requested to meet us on the so called place on the proposed date, if you miss you would have to feel for it”

If one refuse to give the money,or escaping from the payments on time , he was kidnapped by the sea to LTTE controled area from Government controlled are and beaten / broken the legs and body parts as a punishment .This is the one of the jungle law of Karuna. So many elderly parents lived in the bunker as the punishment due to non payments from their sons and daughters.(how ever this much rude and inhuman behaviours not practised in north LTTE area)

He recruited child soldiers ,and trained them very hard ,(food given in the camp in raw formats, and without salt the part of training)Most of the carders became very tough personality due to his training .Time to time he recruited the children as sldiers ,raised a great unsatisfactory among the people in east.

Karuna killed some around 600 Police officers of the state when they surrounded him on one occasion in early 1990s(inaccurate about the year::sorry). It is recorded by the government .

Karuna built a separate home for him in the camp with all facilities and involved in sexual contacts with the Trusted one or two female soldiers under his control. His sexual activities came out to the world when his long term keep also became a key Peron of his new ally ,later she has been killed.

Karuna has a life style of a King and he owned his own kingdom in the east . Due to the geographical separation and distance between north and east , Pirabaharn Who was in north could not control and find the real situation of Karna,Priabaharan had a very good faith on Karuna earlier and later started to realise the problems ,how ever he has to depend on the reports given by the Karuna for the east ground situations, as no connection between Priabaharans area and Karuna’s.

In 2001 , when the peace process started, LTTE got easy enternace in all part of the island . Karuna was oberved and followed by LTTE north intelligence division due to the charges against him. Special team under the control of James and Abiram sent to Batticaloa to watch the activities of Karuna . the team found lot of fault on Karuna, even though Pirabaharan refused to simply accept the reports sent by the special division ,without proper evidence*(that much charges on the senior leader) . So the military intelligence of LTTE was still collecting the evidence.

Karuna got to know this through his own intelligence and took steps to safeguard him, so once he went to the peace talks in Geneva , he took the stand to separate from LTTE with the support of government . The plans and guidance given my the UNP government that time headed my Ranil Wicramasinhe .

Once Karuna Joined the Government , he started to kill so many hundreds of his own forces on suspicion , He killed lot of intellectual Tamils for being an origin of North(Jaffna) and lived in Eastern.

He kidnapped and killed 17 Staff of Pro LTTE NGO TRO with the support of Sri Lankan Army Forces. It happened closer to the main military camp of Welkanda. Before killing the females of the group raped by one Kanthan , who was the leader of that operation and later killed by ltte.

Defence secretary Gothapaya Rajapakse (brother of sri lankan president Mahinda Rajapkse)deployed a plan to get ransom from Tamil business people in order to eliminate the domination of Tamil merchants from the business of Sri lanka and provide funds to Karuna , on a racial basis.

Then karuna started to create the list of top level Tamil business people and kidnapped form Colombo city and other places with the help of Sri Lankan military . So far 2000 people kidnapped and most of them killed from the city ,even though there are plenty of Police and army check points in the city never detect a single case so far.

After the raise of this incidents Parliamentarian Raviraj and Mano Ganeshan formed a commission to investigate this incidents and help the effected people.

The reporting will be continued..within few days….

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