Sri Lanka’s Situation Reports:: 24 Hours News Update

Reports Real Situation of Sri Lanka : War and Crime By Government and Paramilitary Groups , About Mahinda and Familly, About LTTE ,the problems faced by innocents in Sri Lanka


About Fire Bird !

Sri Lanka Reports

Hi viewers , I am a Human being , Like my country very much . As no freedom to expression there ,I use the technology to speak.

Personally I effected by the ethnic crisis in Sri Lanka and now moved to another country .As I am being a continuous observant of Sri Lankan present crisis and ongoing war , I  suffer by the evil things of Sri Lanka happening to innocent voiceless civilians.But This site is not limited to talk one subject. I want to express anything that i feel bad and good in order to share with others.Please join with me and contribute to this site.

Most probably this site is updated daily as any Importatn event happend in Sri Lanka ,but definitely updated on Sundays . Please Note that most of the articles are the collections of other new sources. Few of them are from me and viewers . Please keep commenting and sending any important news that you have with eveidence. Your comments are the only support to me to this work.



  1. It’s really amazing information and today only I came to know about this web site. Your all informations are very much valuable and timely needed. Hoping to get your regular updates especially Eastern part of Srilanka and North as well.

    Comment by Thamilmaravan | December 1, 2008 | Reply

  2. Your Sri Lanka situation report – ‘HEDGING’ – well-conceived, intentional fraud’ was well written

    Please access our website for further information on public interest activity.

    Comment by Consultants 21 Ltd. | December 31, 2008 | Reply

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