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Aware about Standard Chartered Bank ,Sri Lanka ! Warning in the public interest.

We have written   articles  about Standard Chartered Bank ,Sri Lanka and it’s un ethical operation style few months back. We got massive response to the article ,even we got a well written guest post about the matter and posted in this blog (An email to Standard Chartered Bank Sri-Lanka ).

The number of  comments and emails we receive indicates that Standard Charterd Bank is a big time harassing organization in Sri Lanka which not revealed in any media yet. There is a need to do proper investigation on the inhuman debt collecting operation of Standard Chartered Bank.

We already written about this to the famous independence  media ” Sunday Leader ,Sri Lanka”

We hope more news we will hear soon.

Due to many reasons ,we dont update this blog very frequently nowadays ,and will start daily update soon.

But please advice your friends to read this article in order to avoid Standard Chartered Bank Sri Lanka and go for other banks.

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