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Rohitha and RAW – The connection

Interesting information has been revealed in the Indian media about the “connection” between Foreign Affairs Minister Rohitha Bogollagama and India’s espionage and intelligence agency the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

According to an article written by Saikat Datta in the prestigious Indian news magazine Outlook India the Minister’s daughter was admitted to an Indian higher educational institution to pursue medical studies through the efforts of RAW.

Though RAW got Ms. Bogollagama admission through its influence it was unable to ensure high grades in examinations for the ministerial off-spring and hence her dismal academic record threatened her continuance there.

Rented out house

Bogollagama had also rented out his house in Colombo to a RAW agent, Ravi Nair with whom the Minister quarrelled later due to disagreement over purchasing expensive furniture.

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Air Force Commander Air Marshal Roshan:Dirty Rule


By The Shrew

Sri Lanka‘s 12th Air Force Commander Air Marshal Roshan Goonetilleke, son of former Air Marshal Harry Goonetilleke who was the fifth Commander of the SLAF has proved he is not a cut above the rest in lowering standards of educational criteria for cadet officers joining the SLAF in order to accommodate his 21 year-old-son Rehan Goonetilleke.

The latter does not possess the necessary A/Level qualifications to sign up as a cadet pilot in the air force and so in January this year after the SLAF called for fresh cadet officers which specified A/Level’s as a must to enter,  a subsequent advertisement placed only a few weeks later specified that only O/Level qualifications are required to join the SLAF as a cadet pilot.

Rehan Goonetilleke is to be inducted into the SLAF and is due over a period of time to receive a thorough grounding in flying both here and abroad.

Prior to signing up with the air force, the young Goonetilleke secured his Private Pilot License (PPL) from Skyline Aviation (Pvt) Ltd. two months ago.  A license, his father despite being Commander of the SLAF never paid for.

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