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Standard Chartered Bank :: All about it’s Frauds

HEDGING – well-conceived, intentional fraud


Commercial banks led by Standard Chartered Bank duped the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, its former chairman Ashantha de Mel and others into unsuspectingly buying dubious deals in a well-conceived, intentional fraud on a government-owned statutory corporation, a public interest activist told the Supreme Court last week.
Filing an intervening petition in the oil hedge case which is currently before that Court, Nihal Sri Ameresekere also said the CPC was not authorized to hedge through derivative instruments and could only carry out activities referred to in the CPC Act—which is essentially and solely to deal with petroleum products. Therefore, the Central Bank or cabinet could not have suggested that the CPC embarks upon or engages in such separate, speculative business activity.

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Eastern Tamil Youths Shot Dead by Army on 29th arrest

  • Killing of young Tamil boys by government on 29th night
  • Tamil minister ruling so called liberated eastern province
  • Pathetic Situation of Tamils in the open Jail.

On November 29th 2008, A curfew was implemented in eastern province and hundreds of yous were arrested in Baticalloa. Around 11,000 above arrested .Finally 124 youth kept in the police station of Baticalloa. That day night A special task force group from Sri Lankan army under the command of  Karen and Silvester *(two military intelligence officers) went to the jails and police stations . Selected about 56 youth and took away in their vehicles. Continue reading

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Fonseka’s unwanted Business and India’s Reaction

By Malladi Rama Rao

Generals are not jokers. Nor do they brand politicians they don’t like as jokers. Because, the generals know they cannot hope to get away with such disparaging remarks.

General Sarath Foneska appears to be an exception. He is on a one year extension — some thing rare in the annals of military history. And the government of the Rajapakse troika is reposing trust in his ability to deliver Pirapaharan dead or alive. Yet, Mangala Samaraweera, a senior politician and former minister, opines that this ‘highly’ decorated soldier qualifies only as the head of the Salvation Army, not as the Commander of the Sri Lanka Army.

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An interview with Pillaiyan : He agrees that problem exists with Karuna

Counter terrorism measures inappropriate: only increasing violence –


EP Chief Minister says that it would be easier to curb escalating violence in the East if ‘proper powers’ were devolved under the 13th Amendment

Eastern Province Chief Minister Sivenesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillaiyan is a worried man. Violence under his very nose is escalating, casting a nasty shadow over him and his administration. All fingers are pointed at him for the growing bloodshed in the East. People by and large look up to him for remedy, but he has none in his hand to offer, because the forces working against him are powerful and influential. Hence, he is helpless and confused but not without ideas. He says things would be much easier if proper powers under the 13th Amendment were devolved. He says powers devolved to his province are limited and controlled. “So what can be done? Our wings are clipped,” he told The Nation in an interview from his secretariat in Trincomalee.

He attributed the present mounting violence to the counter terrorism measures adopted by the security forces which he further said have had a direct bearing. He explained that counter terrorism measures have been inappropriately handled by the security forces and that has led to the present volatile situation in the East.

Following are excerpts:
Q: For the first time, the East has become so volatile after you assumed duties as the Chief Minister in May this year. What has gone wrong?
I agree that the law and order situation in the East is fast deteriorating. I am also wondering where things have gone wrong, though I can imagine what or who could have been the cause for the present situation. Continue reading

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