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The man behind the Tamil Tigers’ retreat (Great Gota)

The man behind the Tamil Tigers’ retreat

Gotabaya Rajapakse

The Man Behind the War : Gotabaya Rajapakse

A former computer systems administrator from suburban Southern California is today leading the charge in Asia’s longest running civil war and these are among his new treasures: This fishing village of empty pummeled houses; a secret cove nearby the ethnic separatist guerrillas are said to have used to smuggle fuel; and a martyrs cemetery a few kilometers down the road containing two generations of slain rebels.

For the first time in a decade the Sri Lankan military has wrested this strategic swath in the country northwest from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, the rebel group that has fought for more than 25 years to carve out a separate Tamil homeland. At the helm of that military advance is Gotabaya Rajapakse, a naturalised US citizen who is today Sri Lanka’s feared and influential Secretary of Defence.

Defence budget soars

Rajapakse has repeatedly rejected the rebels’ offers of a ceasefire. He has dismissed calls from his nation’s allies including the United States to negotiate a political solution to the ethnic conflict. The defence budget has soared during his three year tenure even as the nation’s economy has sputtered.

The military has recruited heavily and over the past year it has bombed rebel strongholds, sent in commandos to execute high profile rebel leaders, and passed steadily into the Tamil Tigers territory prompting an estimated 250,000 ethnic Tamil civilians to flee deeper into rebel land under apparently perilous conditions.

Today the rebels hold less than half of the land they administered under the last ceasefire agreement signed in 2002. The army says it is on the outskirts of Kilinochchi, the guerillas’ de facto capital which a recent visitor described as a ghost town.

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The latest report of University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna

The latest report of University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna), Sri Lanka (UTHR-J) dated October 31 was tabled in parliament by the UNP on November 11. Special Report No. 31 is titled Pawns Of An Un-heroic War. The report was tabled in parliament by UNP MP Dayasiri Jayasekera. We reproduce excerpts, continued from last week.

Having taken out expatriate aid staff, the government suggested that the local staff of these organisations could work as government volunteers paid by their nominal employers.

This has created a painful dilemma for agencies that instilled into them certain ethics appropriate to their calling. As government volunteers, they would report to the government machinery in their area, which has no choice but to take orders from the LTTE and perhaps later, the government – something they have been trained to resist.

By pulling the expatriates out, the government has created a situation that has strengthened the LTTE’s control over people and resources. A number of articles in the press have raised questions about what this could mean in a conflict where military and political stakes are high, given the LTTE’s record of unscrupulous use of the civilian population and the government’s proverbial callousness. A particular fear is the control of food rations to locate the people. The other is the distribution of food.

Starving the people

Presently over 80% of the population is displaced and their own resources of food are negligible. Of the three other sources of food, the first is the food rations distributed by the Commissioner General of Essential Services (CGES) to displaced families not resettled during the ceasefire amounting to Rs. 1000 a month. This is all the food supplied by the government and it covers a very tiny fraction. It is also very slow and also inadequate.

The second source is the World Food Programme in an agreement with the CGES, which covers most people, including now most of Mannar District. This aims at providing each person with 2100 calories per day. At the last reckoning the food going into the Wanni to feed an estimated 430 000 people was 750 – 800 tonnes, while the actual requirement was 1500 tonnes. If the government believes that the estimated population is excessive, it must tell us with evidence what the real figure is. If not the government and the agencies open themselves to the charge of starving the people.

INGOs in disarray

The third source and the only one meaningful in an emergency are the INGOs, who immediately provide two weeks of rations to the newly displaced. This source is now in disarray. Although the government claims to be able to look after the people, its machinery at best is very inadequate for that purpose as seen in the bureaucratic delays and lack of capacity – many government officers are absconding.

With a view to blunt criticism, the government hit upon the idea of allowing UN food monitors to go with WFP food convoys and hand over the food to the government administration. This accomplishes little in overseeing the distribution of food.

It is remarkable that while the government carries on shelling and displacing people, nearly all the money to feed the displaced comes from foreign donors, who are in turn abused and flayed on the charge of supporting the LTTE, and finally the government gets its own way with them. What it wants them to do next is even more grotesque.

1.6. Mass Detention Centres for civilians who happen to be Tamil?

No less a person than the Army Commander anticipates that recapturing land earlier controlled by the LTTE would not end the war but transform it into a long running guerrilla war. In the east in 2006, the civilians were deliberately displaced and a great deal of land was taken over under the pretext of security. In the Wanni too the government does not seem to intend speedy resettlement of the displaced, and to this end what are in fact detention centres were set up for the civilians who fled the LTTE areas.

The government set up camps in Kallimodai and Sirukandal near Murunkan in the Mannar District for persons who escaped from the LTTE-controlled areas. Some paid boatmen several lakhs of rupees for a ride into the government-controlled areas. Initially the youth were allowed to go to Mannar town with an army escort, who took them in a bus and brought them back. That has been stopped after one youth taken to town escaped.

Due to a water shortage in the area, the inmates of the camp need to go outside to bathe. Anyone going to bathe must find someone to stand surety. The inadequacy of government-funds for the centre has meant that many of the inmates, who belong to about 243 families, live in tents. With the onset of rains their situation becomes horrible.

One aspect confirming the prison status of these camps is that families are not allowed to seek shelter with host families – hitherto a common arrangement for the displaced in this country. We also learnt that displaced persons who had made arrangements to go abroad before they were displaced – such as young women whose fianc‚s are waiting to receive them into marriage – are not allowed to pursue such legitimate ends. University students have after some delay been allowed out.

The government as usual expects foreign governments and INGOs to pick up the bill for the misery it causes. So far INGOs have avoided getting involved in what is in effect illegal confinement of citizens of the same country not charged with any offence. It is something they would find hard to justify. The government is evidently satisfied with this pilot project and is planning to have one in Vavuniya on a huge scale for civilians presently living under LTTE-control it expects to ‘free.’

What is worse, Vavuniya has become a place of crime and lawlessness, where torture, murder, extortion, abduction and rape are routine. Women are powerless. The blame for their plight largely owes to the security forces and Tamil paramilitary groups working with them.

Once confronted with the misery of these inadequately financed detention centres with children, mothers and infants whose basic needs are not met, the INGOs would face a severe dilemma whether to go in and, in effect, sanction this arrangement, or to turn a blind eye to gigantic misery. Unfortunately the UN and most INGOs have too readily compromised with the LTTE and the state, and it becomes difficult to start putting up a fight.

Mentally Ill

We recently learnt that some of the virtual detainees at Kallimodai and Sirukandal have become mentally ill, one of them badly. But the doctors who visit these centres have not been competent to treat such illness. Lately, we learn that permission may be given to take the patients to government hospitals. Many of the issues have been dealt with in the timely report of the Civil Society Field Mission to Vavuniya.

1.7. Mistaken Priorities leading to a fusion of evils

Since 1986 many people have posed the exasperating question, ‘How on earth does one deal with a phenomenon like the LTTE?’ It has over the years shown a capacity to descend to the lowest depths without any qualms in the treatment of its own people, do the unthinkable such as conscripting children as young as 10, exploit and betray the most intimate forms of trust and one could go on. To those who understand that this phenomenon grew out of a persistent denial of political rights to the Tamils, accompanied by humiliation and violence, it is in addressing these that the cure should begin.

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Fall of Pooneryn: Crushing blow to Tigers

Fall of Pooneryn: Crushing blow to Tigers
  • Troops make major advances towards Kilinochchi, but face a long tough way ahead
By Iqbal Athas
There are strong indications that the Tiger guerrillas are coming under heavy military pressure on many fronts. The latest came yesterday. Troops backed by main battle tanks and helicopter gunships made a pre-dawn foray southwards into Tiger guerrilla defences in the now shut down Muhamalai entry exit point. Heavy fighting broke out and both sides suffered casualties. The battles continue. There were reports that the guerrillas carried out gas attacks. The Army has declared officially that canisters containing CS gas are being used by the guerrillas. The CS gas is a substance that is used as a riot control agent and widely regarded as being non-lethal. However, highly placed Army sources told The Sunday Times it was possible that the gas was not CS but some unidentified chemical agent.

Muhamalai is located on the thin isthmus that links Jaffna peninsula to mainland Sri Lanka. It is regarded as the gateway to both the peninsula and the Wanni. The security forces defences there extend in the west from the Jaffna lagoon to the shores of the Indian Ocean in the east. This is the first time in a year troops are trying to breach the heavily fortified guerrilla defences south of Muhamalai. The previous offensive also came in November last year, just a day before President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who is also Minister of Finance, presented his Government’s third budget in Parliament. In the light of heavy resistance, troops were then forced to retreat to their original positions.

Yesterday’s Army picture of troops in re-captured Pooneryn placing the national flag atop the tower of a memorial.

Succumbing to military thrusts from any front would not only force the guerrillas to yield more territory they dominate but also face even more embarrassment. Despite all their efforts, they failed in their bid to hold Pooneryn. It fell to the security forces yesterday after they fought some heavy battles in the past three days. Both sides sustained very heavy casualties during these battles.

The fall of Pooneryn comes with only ten days to go for their leader Velupillai Prabhakaran to deliver his “Maveerar” (“Great Heroes”) day address. That it was a humiliating defeat for the guerrillas came from radio intercepts from the battlefield. A senior Army officer in the battlefront said one group blamed the other. “The anger and humiliation was reflected by the obscene language they used against each other,” he declared. For the 19th year in succession Prabhakaran will set out the “achievements” of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the current year and his plans for next year. The address comes just a day after his 54th birthday.

Yesterday’s thrust by troops in Muhamalai, if successful, will take them to Pallai. Their advance in the direction of Kilinochchi, until recently the political capital of the guerrillas, lay ahead after Soranpattu, Elephant Pass and Paranthan. This thrust from the northern edge of territory dominated by the guerrillas will no doubt compel them to face an added threat in defending Kilinochchi. Until yesterday, the major thrust here came only from the Army’s 57 Division at Akkarayankulam. This Division is trying to overcome guerrilla resistance to enter Kilinochchi.

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Pillayan’s private Secretary and Other one Killed . Still Pillayan escaped.

Still Pillayan and Karuna are being survived ,But it seems will not last longer.  ….

Latest development on this news item(Updated 16/11/2008) : Karuna blamed LTTE for killings yesterday (15/11/2008) ,The chief minister of Easter Province MR.Pillayan refused and mentioned clear statements. He said ” I was an LTTE carder I know the ;pattern of killing of LTTE ,I have personally visited to the shooting scene ,and inspected clearly I know this is not done by LTTE. And I dont want to point out the black sheep behind it now ”

Police now says that MR .Ragu should be a RAW agent. He returned back from Malaysia 4 days ago ,and said Pillayan that he go to india. Police intelligence in the process of finding out the truths behind his Malaysian visit.

The Karuna faction accused Ragu of being an LTTE supporter, but Pilleyan continued to employ him as his private secretary. Pillayan got Ragu to register the TMVP as a political party. when TMVP leader Karuna Amman was jailed in the UK. Ragu was the party chairman until his death. The Karuna group also claimed that Ragu was never a TMVP member though he was a senior LTTE cadre before Karuna Amman defected from the LTTE in 2004. After the split Ragu had decamped to Australia. However, after Karuna went to the UK and was arrested for possessing a forged passport in November 2007, Ragu had returned to Sri Lanka on the same day that Karuna had left the country, sources said.

Reliable  sources inform us that this murder done by Karuna with the blessings of Government. Now Mr .Pillayan is alone to protect himself from LTTE as wel as Government .

News : 15/11/2008

Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillayan’s private Secretary Kumaraswami Nandagoban (32) alias Ragu and other person Sameer Rajkumar (29) killed at Athurugiriya on 13 th of November 2008.

They were killed opposite the Oruwala Steel Corporation.

When Karuna amman back to Sri Lanka TMVP. request from Pillayan discharge his secretary Ragu. He was fluent in English, Sinhala and Tamil language. Ragu returned from Australia on a special request by TMVP and they registered their party under Ragu’s Name. He was the main support for all the diplomat missions and meetings as Pillayan is not educated.

Suspicions now on two sides ,as there are possibilities . LTTE or Karuna Group should have done this .after a dispute between Karuna and Pillayan ,Pillayan announunced that Karuna will be working as the leader of their arm’s division while Ragu will be the leader of their political wing.

Hero Pillayaan

Under the combination of the rulers   Mahinda,Karuna,and Pillayan ,Sri Lanka is the land of  Blood Thirsty Animals.

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Standard Chartered Bank , Sri Lanka : A Bank operated by Thugs

Killer Standard Chartered

Killer Standard Chartered

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Harassment from the credit card companies in Sri Lanka has been increased. The country is facing a big trouble due to the war and ethnic issues same time most of the innocent card holder are facing the death threats from the so called corporate banks.

Standard charted ,Nation Trust (Amex) are more sever in harassing the defaulted customer bypassing any laws implemented in Sri Lanka.This article may be a warning for all of the Sri Lankans in order to avoid this banks.

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The other side of Kilinochchi battle

By Arush from Wales

(Lanka-e-News -01st Nov 2008- 6.30PM –Defence Analyse-)

Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake announced on August 18 “We are very close to Kilinochchi. Which is not far from our sight,” Wickremanayake assured for Singalees. But heavy battles are continuing until now (58 days), this indicated that the Kilinochchi will not be an easy task. The battle is continuing from Vannerikkulam to Akkarayan where positions held by the Army’s 58 and the 57 Division converged. Both Divisions are suffering heavy casualties. Troops are still 16 kilometres away from Kilinochchi.

According to the government statistics over 1,098 soldiers have been killed and more than 8281 injured in the battle during past nine months of this year, with the worst of the battle clearly yet to come as the military delves into the heart of Kilinochchi. By releasing figures minimising the casualties suffered by the military, without the ‘Missing-In-Action’ and ‘Deserters’ figures, the government has been able to hide the true fact of the war.

Signs are that the military analyst predictions are coming true. The number of soldiers killed each month in combat has seen a gradual increase over this year. By the end of Ceasefire Agreement, government had started the full scale war against LTTE. The danger was that the war begun out of miscalculation, misperception and escalation of government rather than design.

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