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Political Killing is a Passion , LTTE are the poineers

Fifty-one-year-old Kiddinan Sivanesan was the latest in the long line of Tamil Parliamentarians and ex-Parliamentarians to suffer death through assassination.

Sivanesan, a former Cooperative Society Store Manager and trade unionist, was returning home to Mallavi after attending Parliament when a claymore mine exploded. Both the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP and his driver were killed.

It is widely believed that Sivanesan was killed by an assassination squad of the armed forces known as the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP). Defenders of the state have stoutly denied the charge.

The funeral, held in the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)-controlled region of the northern mainland known as Wanni, was attended by 15 TNA Parliamentarians. A grand funeral ceremony was held.

Paying homage
LTTE Chief Velupillai Prabhakaran, who sustained minor injuries in a bombing incident in the Kilinochchi suburb of Jeyanthinagar on November 28, 2007, made a rare appearance and paid his respects.
The Tigers also held a number of meetings at different places to pay homage to Sivanesan.

The LTTE and supporters/propagandists have utilised the killing to engage in anti-government propaganda as well as whip up emotions among the Tamil diaspora. Many memorial meetings were held in diverse international locations.

Tiger media organs are continuing to give much prominence to the killing of Sivanesan. The Tigers are trying very hard to create mass frenzy among Tamil expatriates over the killing.

Pro – LTTE groups are also lobbying intensively by citing the killing as one more brownie point in support of the argument that separation is necessary.

The LTTE honours its dead cadres as ‘Maaveerar’ or ‘Great Heroes.’ Non-combatant supporters are awarded two types of posthumous honours.

The lesser honour is ‘Naatrupatraalar’ or patriot. The greater honour is ‘Maamanithar’ or great person. Sivanesan was given ‘Maamanithar’ status by the Tiger Supremo.

Prabhakaran’s statement
Here are some excerpts from Prabhakaran’s statement about Sivanesan:
“He is a sincere politician who possessed high ideals. He laboured tirelessly for the advancement and welfare of the workers.
“He yearned for a free and honourable life for the Tamil people in their land without the torments that have afflicted them.

“He took up the responsibility of representing the people of Jaffna and roamed the world seeking justice for the Tamils.
“He raised awareness among our people and gathered their support.

“He exposed the atrocities of the Sinhala state and its occupying military to the world.
“He was courageous even in the midst of repeated harassments and threats of the Sinhala military.

“His service for the liberation of Tamil Eelam through his hard work and exemplary skills are immeasurable.”
All the above lines refer to Sivanesan but strange as it may seem, they are more applicable to another Tamil political leader who was brutally assassinated more than 18 years ago.

He was none other than Appapillai Amirthalingam, the former secretary general of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) and ex-leader of the opposition.

Indeed, Amirthalingam was a man who “yearned for a free and honorable life for the Tamil people in their land without the torments that have afflicted them,” and in his time “roamed the world seeking justice for the Tamils,” and in his own way “exposed the atrocities of the Sinhala state and its occupying military to the world.”

Tiger acolyte
More importantly, when Amirthalingam made a statement or levelled a charge, it carried weight and credibility. It was taken seriously at international levels. His complaints could not be dismissed lightly as Tiger propaganda.

This was not the case with Sivanesan, a Tiger acolyte, whose ‘propaganda’ was limited mainly to pro-Tiger Tamil media.
Against this backdrop, the ‘Sinhala-dominated’ Sri Lankan state had more to fear from a man like Amirthalingam than a man like Sivanesan. But who killed Amirthalingam?

It was not the ‘Sinhala’ state but the self-styled saviours of the Sri Lankan Tamil people. It was the Tigers who murdered Amirthalingam in cold blood!

When news of Amirthalingam’s death was conveyed to then Opposition Leader Sirima Bandaranaike, her immediate reaction was, “Who did it?” On being told it was the LTTE, she spontaneously exclaimed, “Thank God, no Sinhalese did it!”
The point behind invoking the Amirthalingam assassination in this context is to illustrate three related points.


Firstly, the so-called ‘Sinhala’ state or government is not the only agency killing Tamil MPs or ex-MPs. This has been going on for a long time and Sivanesan was not the first Tamil Parliamentarian victim.

Secondly, more Tamil Parliamentarians have been killed by Tamil and not Sinhala assassins. Even in the case of Sivanesan, there is reason to believe that the actual LRRP perpetrators were Tamil operatives.

Of course, the state bears a moral responsibility in killings done by paramilitary ‘dogs of war.’ Yet, the fact remains that Tamil hands have shed more Tamil ‘Parliamentarian’ blood than Sinhala hands.

Thirdly, many Tamil groups and organisations were involved at various stages and levels in this bloodshed. Yet the LTTE is responsible for killing more Tamil MPs, ex-MPs and other major Tamil political leaders than any other Tamil organisation.

In fact, this pattern of assassinating Tamil political leaders was pioneered and developed by the very same LTTE that is hypocritically mourning and condemning Sivanesan’s killing now.

January 1 this year saw UNP Colombo District MP Thiagarajah Maheswaran being killed on the premises of Shree Ponnambalavaneswarar Sivan Temple in Kotahena. Maheswaran was about to return home after worshipping when he was shot dead.

The first assassination
However, when the ongoing saga of Tamil political assassinations first began on July 25, 1975, it was a man on his way to worship at the Varadarajapperumaal Vishu Temple at Ponnalai who was shot outside the Kovil.
This was Jaffna Mayor Alfred Durayappa, who though a Christian by birth, became a sort of theosophist in later life and used to worship at Hindu temples also.

Durayappa was the independent MP for Jaffna in 1960 March and July. He contested as an SLFP-backed independent in 1970 and lost by a tiny margin of 56 to C.X. Martyn of the Federal Party.
Durayappa was the uncrowned king of Jaffna Municipal politics and had been mayor many times or installed his supporters as mayor.

He disavowed communal politics and steered clear of both the FP and Tamil Congress. These parties called Durayappa a “thurogi,” or traitor.
The killing of Durayappa was the first time a Tamil ex-MP or mayor was assassinated. Seven Tamil youths were charged in court and later acquitted.

the more sad full think is that LTTE also being paid back for the mistakes they made. The culture they started. Kidnapping and getting ransom from business men, when LTTE was in power in Jaffna was the culture. Some times putting them in bunker is their regular practice for threatening. People harassed by them for being rich and hard workers.


All the arm culture and killing styles introduced and practiced by LTTE are turned back against them now.


No second opinion   that ,LTTE is the only one acceptable voice for Tamils now ,but there for cannot justify all of their activities.


But this is not the lesson to LTTE , it is the lesson by the nature for every one who engaed in such acitivities without justice.


Within a single instruction , LTTE vacated all Muslims from Jaffna without any claims fro their property or money., In Revirasa operation 1995 ,all the Jaffna Tamil people vacated Jaffna within a night ,and so many killed in the mass crowded movement . We can see that god’s judgment always there.(even though I am one of the person moved over the night in this operation period )

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