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New Dimension in Eelam WAR IV , What is the next Move Prabakharan ?


Eelam struggle is getting a new  Dimension

So far the victory and the success credits go  for government as Pirabaharan is loosing continuously after Mahinda Rajapakse . As LTTE estimated Mahinda and co ,they are not that much fools and easy to win people. 
UNP was the first political party successfully made a fraction in LTTE ,as UNPers mostly use the brain as the weapon other than arms to defeat the enemy.
In the peace talk season LTTE also violated by involved in taking revenge on the CID officers of Military and police /army departments.
LTTE moved freely in all part of Sri Lanka in 2002 onwards , and utilized the opportunity to killings and revenges on armed forcers whicd lead many key officers to migrate to foreign countries  , but Ranil Wicramasinhe kept silent and planned a very big fraction ,with the Help of  MP Mowlana from Eravur
As the MP from Eravur (eastern )  had long term relationship with Karuna , used to convince him to get out from the LTTE ,and according to the MP Mowlana , Ranil Learned the weaknesses of Karuna and found he is not a person with policies and easy to make him fall in their pitfall .
In few views (Even claimed by Priabaharan ) LTTE was in a stage  ,cannot do anything free as it was in the observation and control of the international community in the Ranils period. Slowly all the ways tighten and forced to narrow their requirements and activities
LTTE Planned to play a  wise game by getting big some of money from government to check mate Ranil in the presidential election in 2005  ,and   they under estimated Mahinda Rajapakse.
You can see LTTE also was not honest in the peace period  as like government. This is the justice of war ,may be both will call it. When LTTE  try a wise move, Government also tried it hard.
Now , we see several dimensions in the war and political situation of this tiny Sri Lanka.
  • Government is approaching LTTE’s heart ,by making movements little by little ,even though not succeeded in a reasonable  distance.
  • Government opened many front lines in the war towards LTTE controlled areas and captured few   so far.
  • Eastern is captured and proved with an election, that democracy is established there now. Even you will not have any as the rulers are arm carrying paramilitary .
Pilliyan  group is now a semi political and semi gangster/Killers group  in the view of matured people. As most of the people from this party are un educated and uncivilized   the general opinion that they will be very difficult to learn to behave thyself in the political assemblies ,But note that definitely Mahinda can control this gangsters also as he have so many ministers in his cabinet who are from underground gangster groups,and with the blessing of the government doing so many illegal business. Mervin is the openly known example for Mahinda Rajapakses ruling law.
Vanni People become dperessed and frustrated
The people living in Vanni under LTTE control also became frustrated as they are not into any modern developments for long  years and living a totally feared life for arial attacks and now DPU attacks.
AS LTTE don’t have other resources ,they force each and every one in VANNI for a weapon training and recruited at least a person from a family under strict law enforced in their  areas.
According to the law there, If you want to open a small cycle repairing Shop at your place in VANNI, you should under go for a weapon training and obtain the certification from authority . The laws are very strict in order to get the carders from the available human resources from VANNI. AS people became frustrated so many became informants ,as we could see successful military aerial operations carried out there .
Exactly the problems   in front of the LTTE are many ,
 (1)  loosing   in the propaganda war nowadays as Pilliyan won the election and gave an impression to the world ,that he turned his way towards democracy and Batticalloa people like him , his activities rather than Pirabaharan.
(2)Loosing the supporters to Pilliyan : By  the money and power or threatening    a group and a community being made from the lower class people of Batticalloa for Pilliyan. As they starve for food ,when their children are eating on time and earning for them from Pilliyan Group ,they now accommodate   the forced recruitment to Pilliyans military . An interview with few mothers of the batticalloa district shows this in Youtube video. (Documentary about the “Bloody War of Sri Lana “)
(3) Loosing the creditability from Tamils as the person protecting  them from the evils like Pilliyan,Karuna etc..l..
(4)Keeping people of VANNI  happy and trustworthy
While safeguarding himself from the aerial attacks and informants from his site , Pirabaharan has to eliminate Pilliyan as well as Government’s terror. Let us see how good thinks happen to the innocent Sri Lankan Tamils at last.
“Fire Bird.”

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  1. This report is completely BIASED and hiding the facts and the history.

    It appears that source of this report obtained from one side of this ethnic war.

    Comment by Tamil Voice | April 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. In this War front, the winner is who played a good Mind game. – indian.

    Comment by Voice of Tamil | August 29, 2008 | Reply

  3. Many people try their hands at a perfect lie. This article is horrible even by any standards.
    How could srilankan government go to international community with begging bowl for arms and money and at the same time you declare that srilanka is a sinhalabudhist nation which can be ruled only by sinhalese. Write the spech of Obama and Rajapakshe on the same page and compare their tone and tenor.
    The rajapakshe regime is the world’s most successful terroirist regime by any standards. Any prostitute can emulate their priciple for success in trade. They beg for money from International community and are using Multi Barrel Rocket Launchers and dumb cluster bombs from obsolete jet fighters to commit genocoid against tmamil.Will they use the same tactic against JVP or any other sinhala unrest in the souther part of their country?
    They claim their dumb bombs and MRBL are surgical strike weapons with straight face to the international community destroying all priciples of humanrights killing innocent women and children by hundreds.It is not very different from LTTE suicide attacks against innocent tamils that kill a few civilians also.Then what is the difference between SLA and LTTE. Why Cannot theh commanders of SLA and Rajapakse be hanged like Saddam Hussein.I hold no brief for Prabakaran also.The same hangpost which can be used for hanging Prabakaran for murder of Rajiv gandhi is also fit enough for Rajapakse and Co.
    (By the same way how can Rajiv answer for his policy blunder that let to killings of thousands of innocent tamils at the hand of IPKF. And how can he explain to his people that Srilankan government supported the LTTE with arms and money against IPKF).
    The conduct of war in Eelam justifies everything LTTE stands for.No true leader can kill his own citizens.So Rajapakse is no true leader of srilankan tamils.
    They are prostituting with china by leasing Hambantota to them.They are prostituting very sucessfuly with INDIA by keep on repeating the RAJIV GANDHI name most succeessfully.Their skill in bed must be worth emulating for any prostitute.because SONIA MANMOHAN bleedindia combine has been given such orgasms that they are helping sinhala Budhists against Hindu Tamils.
    But like every succesful prostitute who gets gangraped and murdered (look no further than the present PAKISTANI government which prostitutued both with Osama and America for a longwhile and now in a diplomatic no-man’s land) the feeling of TAILS in Tamil Nadu is being aroused like tsunami waves.Finally after Muthu kumar’s self immolation the tamils had their awakening.They are now seeing through the Manmohan_SONIA combines pet family revenge and Karunanidhi family’s money and power only motive.No tamilian with any self respect will ever vote for Congress again.The BJP is going to come back topower with the help of anti congress tamilians .And I’m afraid that the sinhala prostituion wont succeed with Hindu nationalistic nuclear bomb bursting BJP.Tamil BJP leaders are already hinting at that.
    Then the Rajapakse clique will have its day of justice.They are not goinf to accomplish what USA,FRANCE,CHINA cant do in vietnam with all their politico-economic-military might.Or they cant do what IPKF cant do in SRILANKA.Insurgencies are never defeated with MRBL and JET fighters.Their wet dreams will be dried out in SUN.
    Alredy DMK,ADMK and CHO RAMASAMY(Thuklaq) and N.RAM(HINDU) clique are urinating in their bed with the tsunami waves that are churning in TAMILNADU.How hard they are going to try it doesnt matter.The ground is shaking.It is started by student communities spontanioulsy.not by money minded political parties like DMK or ADMK.
    I personaly lived under the illusion of this HATE LTTE FOR RAJIV MURDER midset for long years. Now I’m ashamed tha how easily I have been cheated all these years by these N.RAM CHO RAMASAMY clique.
    If sinhalesereally want to know how to build a nation out of multi ethnic population, with grrrreeeeeeeeaaaaattttttttt difficulty they can look just under their very NOSE just 18 kms from their shores. How a new super power is flexing it’s muscles blasting through the NUCLUAR CLUB making allmighty CHINA cry in silence(remember how they tried to sabotage INDO-US nuclear acord).
    HOW a billion people belonging to hundreds of ethnic communities are living peacefully under the rule of law that guarentie ethnic cultures their identity, their rights and their tradition.
    HOW a iITALY born SONIA and minority SIHK community MANMOHAN rule the nation?HOW a TAMIL MUSLIM ABDUL KALAM designed indian nuclear missiles? and become president? HOW various ethnic units of INDIAN ARMY raise their battle cries(VETRI VEL VEERAVEL for MADRAS regiment)

    HOw SUPREME courts and ELECTION COMMISION functions?HOW 64% genuine voting can happen in KASHMIR surpsising even seperatist political leaders? Last but not the least HOW to write a constitution.

    The tamil-sinhala divide is not very different from anti HIDI agitations in Tamil Nadu from which DMK and ADMK are born.They can learn HOW NHERU handled it justly holding the HIDI fantics in leash and acting justly to guarentee the TAMILS their rights.How INDIA is organised along ethno lingual lines as state governments and HOW their rights are enshrined in constitution

    INDIA’s voice is supreme in SOUTH ASIA not because of just its proximity with AMERICA. IT is supreme because how it functions as true democracy.
    The same democracy with its free media can see through the sinhala prostitution sonn.Then RAJAPAKSE will know his fate.If INDIA starts supporting LTTE again bowing to tamil pressure where will RAJAPAKSEs go?USA wont raise a whimper because it needs INDIA now more tha ever.Like PAKISTAN SINHALESE will discover how (There is a saying there that CHINA will fight INDIA to the last PAKISTANI) CHINA will support them.If the standards set by RAJAPAKSE regime are any examples INDIA can justifiably walk into SRILANKA citing bosnian principles.

    Comment by sakthi | February 3, 2009 | Reply

  4. This article is biased to SL government who is doing a well planned genocide and ethnic cleaning in the name of war.

    In Sri lanka even Astrologers(belong majority,never favoured the LTTE) cant make a prediction,which is anti to goverment.IMAGINE THE FREEDOM IN SRI LANKA!

    Comment by vash | July 4, 2009 | Reply

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