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Gotabaya ::The Killer and the King’s brother

200px-gotabaya.jpgGotabhaya Rajapakse was appointed to the post of Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence in November 2005 by the President. 

Yes ,of course he got lot of militry victories against Tamil Tigers,He behaved like the unquestionablesuper power of the country.

The three brothers from the Rajpakse familly ruling the country now. Mahinda Rajapaske the president,and Basil Rajapakse ;the Advisor of president and the MP on national list*(now going to be the minister of highways..)Gotabaya Rjapakse;the Defence Secretary of Sri Lanka.

Gotabaya is described my hiw own ASP level police officers “Oh dont talk about him ,he is a murderer”. He dont worry about the humanity and related issues. He is starving for Money and Power. He is a US Citizen. lived in US for last 15 years after finishing his career in Sri Lankan militry.


January 31, 2008 - Posted by | Killers of Sri Lanka

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