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Gotabaya ::The Killer and the King’s brother

200px-gotabaya.jpgGotabhaya Rajapakse was appointed to the post of Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence in November 2005 by the President. 

Yes ,of course he got lot of militry victories against Tamil Tigers,He behaved like the unquestionablesuper power of the country.

The three brothers from the Rajpakse familly ruling the country now. Mahinda Rajapaske the president,and Basil Rajapakse ;the Advisor of president and the MP on national list*(now going to be the minister of highways..)Gotabaya Rjapakse;the Defence Secretary of Sri Lanka.

Gotabaya is described my hiw own ASP level police officers “Oh dont talk about him ,he is a murderer”. He dont worry about the humanity and related issues. He is starving for Money and Power. He is a US Citizen. lived in US for last 15 years after finishing his career in Sri Lankan militry.


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Blood Thirst Animal :: Karuna !::Pirabaharn’s Careless and Late Awareness

Karuna Blood HungerKaruna is normally known by All tamils in the world and the most of the humanitarian activitists as a Deadly Animal with thurst of blood

Karuna is known my all eastern Muslim people as a racist .

From 1990s in several occasions Karuna shot dead Muslims including children inside the mosque when they were in prayers . The memorial stones available in the Kathankudy and ,Eravur Mosques in Batticalloa district still now. He was enjoying Massive killings .

Karuna demands ransom *(LTTE approved Tax for the movement )in a rude way. Despite of the education and professional background of the people ,he handled all Tamils to get the money. So many Bank managers, Engineers,Doctors, School teachers left the East ,few of them managed to left the country due to this issue . Even though in the north and other areas people are willing to help LTTE as their national army.

He issues letters to to the people to meet at LTTEs money collection division at “Paddituppu Bridge” even the first letter carries very rude and threatening slogans . Ex : ”you are requested to meet us on the so called place on the proposed date, if you miss you would have to feel for it”

If one refuse to give the money,or escaping from the payments on time , he was kidnapped by the sea to LTTE controled area from Government controlled are and beaten / broken the legs and body parts as a punishment .This is the one of the jungle law of Karuna. So many elderly parents lived in the bunker as the punishment due to non payments from their sons and daughters.(how ever this much rude and inhuman behaviours not practised in north LTTE area)

He recruited child soldiers ,and trained them very hard ,(food given in the camp in raw formats, and without salt the part of training)Most of the carders became very tough personality due to his training .Time to time he recruited the children as sldiers ,raised a great unsatisfactory among the people in east.

Karuna killed some around 600 Police officers of the state when they surrounded him on one occasion in early 1990s(inaccurate about the year::sorry). It is recorded by the government .

Karuna built a separate home for him in the camp with all facilities and involved in sexual contacts with the Trusted one or two female soldiers under his control. His sexual activities came out to the world when his long term keep also became a key Peron of his new ally ,later she has been killed.

Karuna has a life style of a King and he owned his own kingdom in the east . Due to the geographical separation and distance between north and east , Pirabaharn Who was in north could not control and find the real situation of Karna,Priabaharan had a very good faith on Karuna earlier and later started to realise the problems ,how ever he has to depend on the reports given by the Karuna for the east ground situations, as no connection between Priabaharans area and Karuna’s.

In 2001 , when the peace process started, LTTE got easy enternace in all part of the island . Karuna was oberved and followed by LTTE north intelligence division due to the charges against him. Special team under the control of James and Abiram sent to Batticaloa to watch the activities of Karuna . the team found lot of fault on Karuna, even though Pirabaharan refused to simply accept the reports sent by the special division ,without proper evidence*(that much charges on the senior leader) . So the military intelligence of LTTE was still collecting the evidence.

Karuna got to know this through his own intelligence and took steps to safeguard him, so once he went to the peace talks in Geneva , he took the stand to separate from LTTE with the support of government . The plans and guidance given my the UNP government that time headed my Ranil Wicramasinhe .

Once Karuna Joined the Government , he started to kill so many hundreds of his own forces on suspicion , He killed lot of intellectual Tamils for being an origin of North(Jaffna) and lived in Eastern.

He kidnapped and killed 17 Staff of Pro LTTE NGO TRO with the support of Sri Lankan Army Forces. It happened closer to the main military camp of Welkanda. Before killing the females of the group raped by one Kanthan , who was the leader of that operation and later killed by ltte.

Defence secretary Gothapaya Rajapakse (brother of sri lankan president Mahinda Rajapkse)deployed a plan to get ransom from Tamil business people in order to eliminate the domination of Tamil merchants from the business of Sri lanka and provide funds to Karuna , on a racial basis.

Then karuna started to create the list of top level Tamil business people and kidnapped form Colombo city and other places with the help of Sri Lankan military . So far 2000 people kidnapped and most of them killed from the city ,even though there are plenty of Police and army check points in the city never detect a single case so far.

After the raise of this incidents Parliamentarian Raviraj and Mano Ganeshan formed a commission to investigate this incidents and help the effected people.

The reporting will be continued..within few days….

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17 Innocent Tamils Killed by Army and the reaction of Sinhalese

marry.jpgAt least 11 school children, principal of the displaced Chinna Pa’ndivirichchaan school and two teachers were killed and 17 wounded when a Deep Penetration Unit of Sri Lanka Army triggered a Claymore mine targeting the bus carrying school children in Madu division of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam controlled territory Tuesday at 2:25 p.m. Pa’l’lamadu hospital authorities told TamilNet that 11 of 17 killed in the attack were school children. The bus was 1 km away from Madu church, after having picked up the children at Thadcha’naamaruthamadu and was on its way to Pa’l’lamadu from Madu.The principal was among the dead. 7 children were critically wounded. 12 of the 17 wounded were in critical state.Officials at the Mannaar Operations Command of the LTTE said they had spoiled a number of attempts by the SLA DPU teams to infiltrate and place Claymore mines along the roads within the past 3 months.This is the News from Tamil Net.Observations and justice : I visited to (Sri Lankan Daily news paper online ) every few hours to see the comments of the readers for this incident. no one comment against this not any sinhalese condonm this. after three days i could see only 3 comments. one saying “this can be a work of LTTE” second Saying” no sinhalese talk about this ,so we can see the justice in sri lanka”, third one saying” who ever did it is wrong”

SO SEE, when a clymore hit and killed 17 sinhalese at puttala , all the nation cried in the comments section of the paper, but now see how the mentality of the majority sinhalease…

this is the reason behind the crisis. The sinhalese mentality cannot be changed. From Duduly Selva agreenmnet , this people dis obey and di honor the agreenments ,always act against Tamils.

70 Percent of the Sinhalse are racisits , only the 40% are  and not communal.I felt very bad when i see their views. mm

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